Roxanne's Studio is an Art Studio in Santa Fe, NM

Welcome to Roxanne's Studio, your destination for unique artwork that you can display in your home or office for years to come. Owned and operated by Roxanne, Roxanne's Studio is an art studio in Santa Fe, NM that strives to provide captivating and thoughtful pieces. Roxanne's medium originated with oils and then, later on, she switched to acrylics because she was drawn to the brighter colors. She is inspired by her interests in nature, music, childhood memories, mythology, and other artists. Her experience as a Navy veteran and her passion for art has resulted in an amazing art experience for the entire community.

In the art gallery, you will find:

Whether you appreciate art that is edgy or colorful, Roxanne's Studio is proud to be your destination for a variety of pieces as well as art commissions. When you browse Roxanne's Studio's collections, you will see a lot of paintings that are painted with a lot of light and color so you can have an in-depth perspective of Roxanne's life through her eyes. To tour the studio, contact Roxanne's Studio to make an appointment.

What Makes Us Proud
  • Art Commissions Accepted
  • Family Friendly
  • Veteran Owned
  • Woman Owned
Locations Served
  • Santa Fe, NM